LAMP - Local Area Mission Projects

Matthew 5:16 - "Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven."


The LAMP ministry assists members of our community in the name of Jesus through hands-on projects such as:


-Roofing a home damaged by storms

-Tree removal after storms

-Building a wheelchair ramp

-Building an addition to the staff home at Camp Tipton, our local Baptist camp

-Raking and clearing brush from yards of the elderly and sick

-Insulating and underpinning a trailor for a disabled veteran and his family

-Assisting a sister church with construction of a new addition


On a recent project, LAMP assisted an elderly and disabled Greenback couple with yard work, trash removal, tree trimming, clothesline replacement, and storage building painting.  21 people from age 2 to 70 provided 60 hours of labor at no cost.  We do this because Jesus loves us and we love Him and our community. LAMP performs a variety of small to medium-sized projects, and Earl Whitehead serves as coordinator of this ministry.


If you know of someone in the Greenback area with a need who is neither able to afford the repair or has no family members capable of providing it, please contact us at 865-856-2179 or  The labor is always provided for free in the name and love of Jesus.

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